I Blame Politicians and Their Games

Has anyone heard of Cobra or been on it before? No? Well, basically, if you’re fired, Cobra allows you to keep the health insurance you had with your employer for a fee. A typically very large fee. Because I became spammed with calls after signing up for Obamacare I just went with Cobra. I have to pay $500 a month to keep my insurance even though I, obviously, don’t have a job because otherwise I wouldn’t qualify. I know someone who had to pay $1000 a month. But this nonsense is not the topic of this post.

I answered one phone call and a salesperson informed me in July, mental health would not be covered until October. Can you believe that? Government insurance that’s supposed to be for those who can’t afford good insurance not covering for mental health, when it’s well-known many of those who are homeless, typically the very poor, are so because they suffer from a mental illness? I’ve heard many people believe mental health isn’t essential. It isn’t life-threatening. All you do is talk about your problems.

Not true.

It is definitely life-threatening to the person considering suicide who can’t receive the help they need. It’s definitely life-threatening to the schizophrenic who’s voices cause her to kidnap her child for an unexpected road trip to see God and may land her in prison. It’s certainly life-threatening to the person who has such bad anxiety he can’t keep a job which then leads to no healthcare at all, which leads to him being sick but too anxious to leave his place and go to a hospital. That’s medication at work, sure, but most who take medication started by seeing someone like a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist who recommended it. I believe many are encouraged if not required to see some sort of therapist anyway if they’re on medication. Am I wrong?

Am I wrong about mental health’s importance? Tell me I’m wrong, but if you’re going to tell me I’m wrong you should build a case first. Why mental health shouldn’t be included in basic health insurance— Ready? Set? Go.


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