We Need a new Direction

Ok, I need a new direction.

As the very few people who are following this blog have noticed, I haven’t been updating in a while. It’s not that there is nothing happening. In fact, there is a lot happening but my depression is fine. Other than giving me dry mouth they’re working very well. Things have been a bit hectic however, at least in my head. Last week was insane in my head. There were multiple important things happening every day of the week, meaning I was constantly going over them in my head. It was pretty exhausting and a few things slid. I’ve also started eating too many cookies again… hopefully I can end that before it begins starting tomorrow when I see my new therapist.

Oh yeah, so this therapist is great. Honestly, as long as the person listens, gathering all the facts before telling me what to do then I’m satisfied.

I believe the main reason I haven’t had much interest in updating this blog is because it’s sad. And I’m not interested enough in mental illness and making people understand to continue.

So! We need a change. A new direction. I fully mean to include my experiences with depression and how it affects me but also, just, talk… You know, like a human being?

And about happy things. Definitely rather talk about happy things. I prefer being happy to the point that I will forgive and forget too quickly. I’m also apparently (according to my mom) oblivious when it comes to conflict. I think perhaps I notice but quickly think of something else, so quickly in fact that I forget what I noticed.

All in favor of happiness say ‘Ay!’


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