She went by Lyn, with ONE “n”

That was very important

She was quite a character. I was looking forward to watching my future kids meet and interact with her. She burped all the time. I don’t mean little burps. I mean ones twelve-year-old boys would be jealous of and then she’d say “ExCUse me!” so shocked she was by the umpteenth gargantuan burp of the day. This was probably, at least partly, due to her love of 7up. And perhaps her inability to eat anything because she became allergic to something new every year. She swore all the time. They all went over my head because she said them so casually unless she caught herself and apologized. She took off her ring and through it out the window because her new husband took her to a romantic cabin surrounded by beautiful nature instead of New York City. She talked for hours, sent cards with every holiday and non-holiday they make cards for, just like all the other grandmothers. But this lady loved like no other. It would consume her when she felt it, just as much as anger and sadness.

I’ll let that sink in a second and then inform you yes, yes her children were traumatized by this extreme woman. So traumatized were they that they made a pact if one of them started to act like her the other two would call that one out. She played dead once and my mom and uncle danced around her singing “Ding! Dong! The witch is dead!” … I don’t know who that says more about… She would insult and harass while trying to come off as just a concerned parent. To her credit, I do believe she was a concerned parent she was just so impossibly insensitive. The woman had no filter.

We are all pretty sure she had bipolar disorder. She saw a therapist once and left telling everyone she didn’t know what she was talking about and that was it. She was so sorry for me when she found out I had to take medication. I of course defended it and she agreed it was to help but she was just so very sorry. You could hear in her voice how serious she was, probably because of the societal notions that existed about such things as she was growing up.

She was the one I called when I wanted an extreme reaction to anything. She was fabulous at it and no one has been able to hold a candle to her expressive sincerity. I pretended to call her when I got my promotion.

My eyes look so dark in those pictures, but today I have her eyes.


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