Frozen Teaches Depression?


I know right? I certainly didn’t think “oh yeah, totally, Elsa has depression and this is about how much it hurts people.” I know it’s from but if you read their articles as much as I do, you know the site offers interviews, editorials, and some personable articles. Also, if you google “Frozen” and “depression” together, you’re going to find quite a few people have come to this conclusion.

After I read the article I could kinda see it. I don’t agree her gloves are a symbol of anti-depressants though. I think they would be (if I’m going along with this and ,for the sake of this post being longer than one paragraph, I am) a fake smile. Or the involvement in extracurricular activities so no one guesses how dead you feel. I mean, they make her appear normal. The whole point of them is to cover up the problem, not deal with the problem like someone on anti-depressants is trying to do. I don’t know what would symbolize anti-depressants in the movie. Honestly, I thought she figured it all out way too quickly. I mean she was just still super confused and escaped through the jail wall, right? And she hears how love saved her sister and goes “ooohhhhhh” like “duh.” And she rids the entire kingdom of snow and makes a special snow cloud for Olaf.

Alright, now I’m getting too involved in this movie. Can’t we just be happy about Inside Out? Why do we have to make everything something other than it is?


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