My aunt and sister didn’t know I was awake in my room playing Alphabear (Have you played? Aren’t they adorable?!) when I heard my name mentioned. Stacey was talking about how she felt awful even though she had exercised and had a general good day. That’s when Aunt Joy blamed the cookies and as I laid there eating the last few cookies in my bag I had to agree.

I buy about two bags of eighteen chocolate chip cookies from Jewel-Osco’s bakery every three days. No, I’m not choking. And that particular day it was all I had eaten and was finally sick of them. The main reason I eat so much of them is that I can take them upstairs with me. Downstairs Aunt Joy is blasting the very distracting TV and giving me this panic-y feeling. The floor is one giant room that happens to include the kitchen so I don’t have peace to cook. So I just eat whatever I can pop in my mouth. I could totally say something to her about this but since she and I are already strained thanks to my depression and poor choices regarding chores, I don’t.

But she’s totally right, what you eat definitely affects your energy level, mood, and overall health so I’m going along with the ban on cookies… Last night I ate dinner at 10:40PM because that’s when Aunt Joy turned off the TV and went to bed. I shouldn’t have too many problems with this in the future though. Starting Monday I will be training on DevBootcamp’s campus (a programming language training program) from 9AM to 5PM at least. They say many stay later because of how frustrating the work can be so I’ll probably end up eating dinner in the surrounding area from now on and my eating environment will be the least of my concerns compared to the frustrating and never-ending feeling I’ll have while learning to program.


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