Who would have thought I could be good at school?

I’ve been here for a week and a half and my anxiety has yet to show up. Everyone around me is mentioning trying to finish the exercises (which we have been informed do not need to be finished) or they’re worried about the assessment (even though you can repeat, and just about every repeat says it’s awesome). I’m just.. hanging out.

And every time I try to write an article I find I don’t have anything to really write. The lack of pressure has me on cloud seven and the fact I’m learning and finishing exercises on my own boost me to cloud nine! It was actually pretty freaky at first. I started thinking I was in denial and I was, in fact, anxious. I was just, like, hiding it… from myself… because that’s possible…

At any rate, I thought for sure I was going to need to repeat but after my checkpoint assessment I think I’m fine.


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