Concealing Depression

Alright fine, I give up. This started as a blog about depression and it appears it’s going to stay that way.

I came across an article while browsing Pinterest about concealing depression. I decided this was something worth talking about because I can revert back to these nasty habits. It’s important to acknowledge when you’re starting to fall downward so you can single out the cause and perform any coping mechanisms you might have learned through therapy or through your own trial and error. I’ve forcing myself to go outside and take a short walk can do wonders since I tend to be cooped up inside too much. If you isolate yourself like me, a trip to the library or forcing yourself to hang out with a friend, even though you really don’t want to can make a huge difference.

I know that last part probably sounded horrible to you, “forcing yourself” to hang out with a friend. I don’t mean spend time with someone you don’t like, I mean if you really want to just stay inside and lay around all alone then do the opposite! That’s your depression talking- don’t listen!

For those of you who have loved ones who suffer from depression I hope you’ll read this article. Actually, I hope everyone reads the article because maybe you’ll find you know someone who fits these characteristics and learn they’ve been suffering in silence. Support isn’t a plus for someone suffering from depression; it’s crucial.