Zelda’s Message To Those Suffering Depression

I just felt the need to share Zelda Williams’s Instagram post, quoted by CNN here.

Every year since I was… probably twelve I would blow my candles out on my birthday and wish to be happy. Although I’ve learned I have no idea what happiness is, not once did I ever believe “being happy” didn’t include anger or sadness. I never thought there weren’t enough nights for myself and those who were happy. Actually, I’m not even entirely sure I know what that means. I can only conclude then that she’s feeling something I haven’t which is why I don’t understand. I’m sure someone has and I really hope her message helps them.

For those of you who couldn’t connect, I’ll give you my own reasons not to end it all:

Life always changes and so, logically, there must come a time when things get better. It can get worse and worse and so bad you can’t imagine how you will rise from it but know that eventually it has to. I have used this logic for various situations and it has yet been wrong. You can’t sit there waiting however. If you realize something’s wrong, if something sucks, then do something about it. If you can’t, then find someone who can help you do something about it. There are so few things we can control in our lives, use the most of what you can to deal with what you can’t.

National Suicide Hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255